Vintage & Retro

I got hooked on vintage designer furniture from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s at an early age. I just loved the design, colors and the materials! Pretty soon I developed a collecting mania. I managed to find a spot in my home for all kinds of vintage and retro stuff.


As my home filled up with retro furniture and attributes, my friends started to worry a little bit. When they noticed I had a real knack for finding cool stuff, however, they were more than willing to take some of it off my hands. By then I realised I had to turn my passion into my profession.


It soon became clear that I needed a bigger venue to match my ambitions and couldn’t think of a better place than Amsterdam-North. A true vintage paradise with stores like Neef Louis and Van Dijk & Co just around the corner.

Vintage dining chairs

Over the last couple of years my focus has shifted to vintage dining chairs as well as old school chairs. I still have a soft spot for all designer furniture though, to be honest, So I tend to take everything I fancy with me. On my travels through The Netherlands and other countries like Denmark, I have discovered some real gems. You won’t believe your eyes if you see all the cool stuff I have found!